BLOG | CSG Property Solutions: Property Preservation Website Can Be Stylish and Professional

Property Preservation Company WebsiteWe’re pleased to announce a completion of yet another project that involves creating a new brand identity and a brand new website.

We’re grateful to CSG Property Solutions and especially their president, Comella Sledge, for allowing us to experiment and unleash our creativity.

For reasons beyond our comprehension, most property preservation companies seem to spend little time on branding. Furthermore, a typical website of a property preservation company is usually built on a template and “stylish” is not exactly a word that comes to one’s mind when browsing this type of website.

Since CSG Property Solutions had no website at the moment, they were uniquely positioned to create their brand from scratch.

We started out with completely reimagining and recreating their logo. The client wished to retain the colors of their old logo and we obliged. We did, however, gave CSG Property Solutions a fresh look that references their industry in a subtle way; at the same time the logo is still unique and in many ways unexpected, especially considering that this is a property preservation company.

The client loved their new logo! In fact, they liked it so much that they requested to build the entire website around it. This is how the idea of a honeycomb navigation bar came about. It elevates the logo and kind of serves as a pedestal to it. In addition, it’s also a very functional detail of the website. CSG Property Solutions plans on adding more pages in the near future. If we were to place pages in the linear manner, we would’ve run of space. The honeycomb triangle allows adding future pages easily without having to significantly redesign the website.

property preservation company logoOverall, it’s a clean, functional design. CSG Property Solutions has a solid branding foundation which extends from the logo to the website to email signatures to t-shirts and marketing collateral.

Just like any other custom web design client of ours, CSG Property Solutions enjoys a bullet-proof custom Content Management System (CMS).

In addition, features a responsive design (in other words, it is fully compatible with all major mobile browsers and adapts based on the user’s device).