BLOG | ARCHIVE: August 2016

custom website benefits

It seems that “custom” is a new buzzword among web design and development companies. “Custom” implies that a website has been created exclusively for a particular client, based on his or her needs. However, often times the meaning of “custom” has been stretched to include every little change made by a web designer, regardless of whether he or she has created the original design and/or application. 

For instance, does merely changing a font means that the website is now custom? Would you consider it “custom design” if we took the exact same layout that we have used for another client in the past, changed the font, uploaded your logo, and threw a few stock photos in the mix? Probably not. 

So if you’re looking for someone to create or re-design your website, it’s important to ask just how “custom” your custom design is going to be. 

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