BLOG | ARCHIVE: September 2015

litvaksig jewish has been online since 1998 and has registered over 1.3 million site visits. Considering that the world’s first website was published only in 1991, has been around for light-years. It was an honor for us to be selected as a company who got to re-design and re-build the website from the ground up.

LitvakSIG was (and, of course, is) a terrific source for anyone interested in their Litvak heritage and genealogy. Yet as a website, it was not in great shape at the time when we received logins and the Board’s blessing to perform a thorough inventory.

Due to multiple additions and patches, Joomla framework was crumbling. Website administrators had trouble accessing many of the pages. The content management system (CMS) wasn’t functioning as intended. Contributors had hard time finding entire sections of the website in the backend and the search function was either inaccurate or non-operational. Finally, the donations processing system, although set up through a reputable vendor, was not working. 

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