BLOG | ARCHIVE: March 2015

successCollaborating with others is always fun and working with the marketer and former banker Lee Honish is always an adventure. Plus, working with Lee means creating services and products for real estate professionals, which is fun and challenging at the same time.

So this post is for all the real estate professionals within a reasonable driving distance from Las Vegas and those adventurous enough to get a last minute ticket to the Sin City.

If you are an active real estate agent/broker, you most likely work with Buyers, Expireds, Equity, FSBOs, Investors, Probate, Short Sales NODs, and you need listings. Well, how do you go about getting one? If I posed this question to a random real estate agent, I am most likely to get one of the two answers (or both):

  • I get my listings based on referrals;
  • I do some type of marketing.

The thing about referrals… they are not guaranteed. You can’t get a listing on demand, because you don’t know when the next referral is coming or where is it coming from.

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