BLOG | ARCHIVE: August 2013

IQ Tax Appeals Business Management ApplicationAfter months of planning and more than 3 months of coding our newest project has gone live. Just a regular-looking website in the outside, IQ Tax Appeals features powerful software behind the login screen.

The application accesses a database of more than 1.2 million public property records of Cook County, IL (the second most populous county in the U.S.), finds comparable properties with lower assessed tax values, and calculates tax savings in seconds.

The IQ Tax Appeals is essentially two applications in one. While the first module calculates tax savings, the second module helps manage a large sales team. The latter operates on the premise of network marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM).

The sales team is split into managers, sellers, and guests, while the administrative branch of the IQ Tax Appeals organization consists of the administrator and processors. Each user group has a different set of permissions. Additionally, sellers are split into three levels and each level provides an opportunity to make a certain percentage of other sellers’ commission.

From the IQ Tax Appeals perspective, the two modules provide their organization with a product (property tax reduction software) and tools to manage their sales force.

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IT guyEvery month we get frantic phone calls from small business owners with the same problem: their web designer—the proverbial IT Guy—has disappeared, leaving them without access to their website and domain name. Sometimes this happens after the domain name fails to be renewed and the website—to the horror of the business owner—is gone. In other cases, the website is functioning and visible, yet the owner has no means of making changes because only the IT Guy has the access credentials.

The outraged business owner decides to ditch the irresponsible IT Guy and goes on searching for a new person/company so they can take care of their website. What they don’t know is that even the most responsible and skilled web developer won’t be able to help, unless they have access to the domain name and hosting account.

Surprisingly, small mom-and-pop shops are not the only ones to find themselves in this predicament. Any organization without an IT department could find itself scrambling for the important access information once their outsourced IT Guy stops answering his phone.

In order to save yourself serious headaches and damage to your wallet, make sure you get familiar with a few simple terms and keep crucial information accessible to all key people in your company. In addition, take some precautions and do what’s best for you, not what’s most convenient for the IT Guy.

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