BLOG | ARCHIVE: June 2013

Cute Ducks in Palm SpringsThere is no way that a real estate agent (or any business professional) in suit could compete with a mother duck surrounded by a pack of fluffy ducklings. If you think I’m out of my mind, bear with me and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This is a true story.

Our clients often ask us what content they should post on social networks. Many of them happen to be real estate professionals (agents, brokers, even attorneys). My answer is always the following: post ducklings and sell your kids. Can you imagine the bewildered look on their faces?

However, there’s nothing nefarious about the suggestion. The biggest marketing mistake that most real estate brokers make (especially on Facebook) is post their listings. Guess what: nobody cares! Not on social media.

If someone is interested in buying a house right now, they will reach out to you via phone or email; they’ll subscribe to your mailing list or run an IDX search on your website. However, most people who like your Facebook page or are in one way or another connected with you on social media are not looking to buy a house right now. You’re truly lucky to have them follow you, so don’t turn them off by posting and re-posting your listings.

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