BLOG | ARCHIVE: May 2013

Intelligent Clout in CaliforniaHi everyone. Vladas Krivickas here. I thought I’ll identity myself this time, so no one else is blamed for whatever is being said in this blog post. Just kidding… this post is going to involve some references to me personally, that’s all. And that’s, by the way, for the reasons other than me being an egomaniac.

First of all, many thanks for the most wonderful feedback in regards to our new website! We glad you liked it. For most of you, the site seemed to be clear, easy to navigate and informative. I guess anything other than the green ‘under construction’ screen would do it, huh?

Also, most of you who emailed us or called got our quirky sense of humor and didn’t mind the silly puzzles on the home page slider. Actually, none of you called them silly, at least not to my face. I’m sure that’s coming sooner or later.

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