Intelligent Clout is a Los Angeles-based boutique web development company and online marketing agency. We specialize in web development, custom web design, application development, print identity, and online marketing solutions.

Our business model can be best described as web services brokerage. Created in coffee shops of Chicago’s historic Hyde Park neighborhood and relocated to Los Angeles in 2013, Intelligent Clout is a truly global company. We work with talented, creative and driven partners in United Kingdom, Lithuania, Norway, and other European countries so we can deliver the most advanced yet competitively priced services to our clients in the United States.

Although physically located in Los Angeles, we continue to work with clients in our birth-place, Chicago, as well as Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, and even internationally. Web conferencing and Skype is what we do on daily basis. However, if you hire us for a larger project and meeting in person makes you more comfortable, we’ll come visit your office and go grab lunch with you any time.

We’re proud to be an unpretentious, boutique style company. When trying to picture Intelligent Clout, think of a kid who’s too comfortable in a bar or talking to an audience on stage to be called a nerd, but too nerdy and oblivious of the brand of his sneakers to be called a hipster.

We’re obsessed with our killer work ethics. We prefer substance to fluff and a minimalistic, clean approach to anything loud and flashy. We’re not the cheapest web development and online identity company out there, but our prices are competitive and we’ll passionately show you why every penny you spend with us will eventually make you a dollar.

Thank you for taking time to check out our website. We look forward to working with you soon!